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TCB Corporation is a holding company for a diverse partnering of financial services in Upstate, South Carolina. TCB Corporation is composed of:

  • Countybank
  • Greenwood Capital Associates, LLC
  • Countybanc Insurance Services, Inc.
  • Countybanc Investment Services, Inc.
  • Countybank Mortgage
  • Countybank Trust Services
  • TCB Shared Corporate Services
Combined, this family of financial services is capable of meeting any financial need of businesses and families. The integration of all these financial services, centralized and easily accessible, makes TCB unique in the community financial services industry, unique to the Upstate, and unique to other financial service providers its size anywhere in the United States. Because of the diversity and integration of these services and the expertise of experienced professionals who manage these services, TCB is a highly stable institution, poised for significant expansion in the Upstate and in other contiguous areas.

So, you’re thinking about a career in financial services. It’s a great vocation. One that requires high integrity since you will be dealing with other people’s money; but that may be the very reason why you are interested in this industry.

Maybe you like the idea of helping others achieve their financial dreams (while achieving some of your own along the way).

Perhaps you are intrigued by the fact that you could have a direct influence on the economic health of your community by advising your neighbors about investment and savings opportunities.

Whatever reason for being here, you’ve come to the portal for the Upstate’s fastest growing and most stable financial services institution, TCB Corporation.

Below are the current opportunities for employment with us.

Click on the link that interests you most to learn more. When you find the one that you feel is the right match for you and your experience, capabilities and passions, click "Apply."

If we feel the same, you will hear from one of our representatives to learn about Next Steps.

If you don’t find one that seems a good fit for you please click on “My Account” in the menu above and submit your resume. You will then be in our database for future opportunities.

Whichever way it goes, you owe it to yourself to look at TCB as your personal partner to help you simplify and streamline your life around our financial products and services. If you are employed with us or not, you still will want the best working with you. We look forward to meeting you.

*All TCB Corp Companies participate in E-Verify to verify your identity and right to work. Please click links below for complete details.

E-Verify – English Right to Work – English
E-Verify – Spanish Right to Work – Spanish
Equal Employement Opportunity Employer - English
There are currently no jobs posted.
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